Zombie Slayer

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The fence keeps collapsing, no matter how many zombies you vanquish. The town has been overrun by the walking dead, and everyone in your vicinity has become their prey. You've realized that staying holed up in your house is futile as the zombies grow agitated and supplies dwindle. It's time to load up on weapons and fight your way out!


  • 100 levels of gameplay (with the option to add more)
  • Shop system for purchasing and upgrading guns, as well as IAP items
  • Ability to earn money through Unity Ads and Admob (displaying ads after gameover/victory, offering rewarded videos)
  • Option to earn money through IAP (by buying coins or removing ads)
  • Separate image animations for easy graphic reskinning
  • Compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices
  • Written entirely in C#, making it easy to learn.


Unity 2019.4.0f1.


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