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Please be advised that the template does not include human skins. You may acquire them separately.

Introducing World Conqueror - an "action-idle" hyper-casual game compatible with multiple platforms. This game boasts a clean and minimalistic design, appealing to players of all ages. Build your army, upgrade your units, and eliminate your opponents to conquer territories in this colorful and cartoonish game.

World Conqueror offers two exciting game modes. First, the Adventure mode generates levels randomly, with larger maps and more opponents as you progress. The second mode features a Whole-Earth map, where you can engage in large-scale battles against 10 opponents.

Challenge yourself against AI opponents with different strategies, with adjustable difficulty levels. At the start of each game, the AI chooses which upgrade it prefers, such as buying new units or improving unit speed.

Other features of World Conqueror include an original game idea, colorful design, randomly generated endless levels, advertisements, and detailed documentation and tutorial videos.

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