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Get ready to launch Word It Up, the top new letter puzzle game! With over 50 fun puzzle levels to complete, this original puzzle game is sure to keep you entertained for hours.

The game mechanics are intuitive and simple. Move the letters left, right, up or down to put the words in the right order vertically or horizontally. Plus, with timed rewards, three power-ups (Bomb, ShuffleTornado, Golden Key), in-app purchases, Unity Ads integration (including rewarded and interstitial ads), beautiful design, an original game idea, and documentation, this game truly has it all.

With regular updates, including the latest one on 2021.07.19 when it was updated to 2019.4.17 and any prefab issues were fixed, Word It Up is a must-have game for those who enjoy puzzles and creativity.

So don't wait any longer, be the first to successfully launch this fun and challenging game and start solving those creative puzzles today!

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