Word Dominant

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Demo Apk

Get ready to train your brain with a highly creative puzzle game! In this game, you'll need to type the letters and hit "ENTER" to make them physically active. They'll be attracted by gravity and each other, making for a challenging and entertaining experience.

In the second game mode, draw lines to help the letters reach their goals. With two different level types (typing and drawing), you'll have a variety of challenges to keep you engaged. Plus, 20 levels are already included, but it's easy to create new ones and make the game even more fun and creative!

Enjoy intuitive game mechanics and creative gameplay that is sure to challenge your mind. This game also features Unity Ads integration, including rewarded and interstitial ads, as well as documentation to provide all necessary information for smooth gameplay.

Overall, this game is a must-have for those who enjoy puzzles and creativity. So start playing now and put your brainpower to the test!

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