Tap to Richest

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Unity 5.5.0f3.


If you're interested in owning a tap-to-riches or clicker game, this game template is perfect for you!

The user can upgrade their business and tap on the home screen to earn more money, allowing them to become the richest person possible.


  • A clicker game that encourages users to keep clicking to increase earnings.
  • Users can upgrade their businesses to achieve greater success.
  • Advisor bonuses that offer valuable business bonuses.
  • Build and grow your business into an empire with multiple cities and unique challenges.
  • Profitbots provide additional bonuses per tap, which can be reset to take advantage of again.
  • Buy and upgrade businesses to watch them evolve into architectural masterpieces.
  • A variety of bonuses and achievements to uncover as you continue tapping.
  • Monetized through TAPJOY offerwalls, providing users with plenty of tempting opportunities.
  • Supported by both Android and iOS.

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