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Demo Link :

Demo Link

Introducing the latest top trending Unity template from Casual Games Studio - Red Imposter Killer! Choose your favorite character and attack crews to reach the next level. Your mission is simple: kill all the living crew members in the spaceship. Don't let anyone survive!

When you successfully kill everyone without being noticed, the level is over.

Exciting Features:

  • Ready for release as a complete Unity game
  • Includes 30 unique levels and challenges for an engaging experience
  • Integrated with more than 5 networks for maximum reach
  • Coin system added for an enhanced gaming experience
  • Reward system added for additional motivation
  • Character shop added for customizable options
  • Simple to reskin for personalized modifications
  • Addictive gameplay with smooth control for seamless play

We highly recommend using Unity 2019.4 to ensure optimal performance and avoid any potential issues. Get ready for an exciting killing spree with Red Imposter Killer!

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