Pen Run

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Description Pen Run is an exciting new game where the objective is to reach the finish line before the ink runs out! With 30 fully functional levels, players must navigate through obstacles and challenges to beat the clock. Easily expand the game by duplicating scenes and tweaking path points to create over 100 levels and beyond. AdMob interstitial and banner ads are already integrated; simply replace the IDs to customize the game. Sounds are included and simple to modify with drag-and-drop functionality. Over 50 fonts are also provided for easy customization options. The code is organized and easy to understand, making it a breeze to modify the game as needed.

Features Features

  • 30 fully functional levels for hours of gameplay
  • Easy level expansion by duplicating scenes and adjusting path points
  • Integrate up to 100 levels and beyond
  • AdMob interstitial and banner ads pre-installed for monetization
  • Simple drag-and-drop method for sound modification
  • Over 50 customizable fonts for personalization
  • Organized and easy-to-understand code for simple modifications

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