Fit Race

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Fit Race APK

Get in shape to win in this exciting game! Dodge those tempting but unhealthy burgers, chow down on cucumbers, and navigate through various obstacles to sprint your way to victory. With smooth controls and endless levels, you'll have countless opportunities to challenge yourself and improve your fitness. Our game includes AdMob and Unity ads for monetization purposes, with support for AdMob mediation for added flexibility. Featuring a beautiful design and seamless gameplay experience that is easy to navigate with 2D UI design, this game is perfect for both Android and iOS devices. Additionally, our game supports Unity 2019.x and is easy to reskin, making it an accessible option for developers of all skill levels. The project unity 2019.4.3 ensures compatibility and optimal performance. To add your AdMob ID or other network, we have created a video tutorial on how to make the necessary changes.


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