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Experience the thrill of being a police officer in Drive Police Car Gangsters Chase: Free Games. With your elite driving skills, you must help maintain law and order in the city by catching criminals on the loose.

Feel like a real cop as you speed down the streets in your super police car games. Your mission is to arrest rival police car drivers and take them into custody. Take control of the crazy police car force with your fast car racing games.

Dress up in your police uniform and burn rubber in your dream police car. Turn on the cop lights and sound the siren to let the outlaws know that you mean business. With a top speed of 190 miles per hour, you will be unstoppable.

Embark on challenging missions that require you to stop reckless highway drivers who are breaking traffic laws. Use your expert driving skills to slow them down and make arrests. Take out any obstacles in your way with this fun and addictive police car driving game.

With stunning 3d graphics, Drive Police Car Gangsters Chase: Free Games offers a realistic police chase simulation experience. This game also features off-road extreme uphill racing, making it an all-around exciting adventure.

Built with Unity 2018.4.5F1 - the leading engine for game development, this game's professional and clean code ensures a bug-free source code. It supports AdMob & Unity Ads and is ready for publishing with its 64-bit architecture.

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