Bullet Shooter

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Take command and become the star of the show in this action-packed puzzle game called "Bullet Control". In this unparalleled gaming experience, you transform into a bullet and dictate its every move. Once the gun is fired, you must navigate left and right, up and down, while avoiding any obstacles that might impede your progress. Your primary objective is to guide the silver bullet or other upgradable items to their intended target to cause maximum damage!

With complete control at your fingertips, you can enjoy watching enemies fly in ragdoll fashion as you hit barrels of explosives. The game features over 50 unique levels, two different shops, and satisfying controls. You can collect coins by watching reward videos, and the 64-bit architecture makes it ready for publishing.

With the capacity for easy reskinning and level expansion, Bullet Control integrates Admob and Unity Ads to replace IDs to suit your preferences. The graphics are stunningly beautiful, with much effort invested in lighting and color correction. The game is currently trending on both the App Store and Android platforms and is ranked as the top grossing game.

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